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Online hairstyle school by Alexa
50% discount 

Hairstyle Course


Lesson 1. Hollywood on a flat iron.
Long lasting hairstyle, lasts all day.
Lesson 2. Big hair
Lesson 3. Big natural curls and volume per curling iron 25 + curlers
Lesson 4. Luxury volumizing curls on a curling iron 32.
Lesson5. Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood Waves

Price: 200 $ – 50%= 100 $ 

1. Pay for the course using the QR code or PayPal.
2. Send payment confirmation to or on WhatsApp +420773658567. In the messages write the name and surname that will be on the Certificate of Completion of the online course.
3. You will immediately receive a link to the online course.

Online Hairstyle Course
Learn how to do this:
Оnline Сourse on Hairstyles
Оnline Сourse on Hairstyles 1
Оnline Сourse on Hairstyles 2
Оnline Сourse on Hairstyles 3
Оnline Сourse on Hairstyles 4

Price: 200 $ – 50%= 100 $ 

Learn how to do fashionable hairstyles online. No need to go anywhere. Learn at home. Our courses are online, you can learn from anywhere and anytime. The courses are designed especially for makeup artists and hairdressers who want to learn modern techniques and perfect their skills. Choose a lesson or course and gain new skills, that will put you ahead of the competition.

Online training. Express course.

3 hairstyles for Bridesmaids
200$ -50%=100 $

Online Hairstyle Course

Online training. Wedding course.
You will get a certificate after the course.

300$  -50%=150$

Online Hairstyle Course

Online training.
Wedding course + Express course.
You will get a certificate after the course.

500$ -50%=250$

Online Hairstyle Course

Look at a video 

Free lesson

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Who is the course for?

The professional online training is suitable for hairdressers and make-up artists who already have experience in hair styling and want to improve in this area. The hairstyle lessons are detailed videos that show techniques and step-by-step steps to create fashionable and beautiful hairstyles that last 24 hours. Once you have learned new techniques and style, you can be more popular with customers, giving you the opportunity to earn more.

How does the haircut training work?

You can watch the video lessons anytime and anywhere after paying. For the training you will need a model or training head with natural hair 70-80 cm long, curling iron for 25 or 32 mm, hair straightener, strong fixing hair sprays, hair clips, hair pins (different sizes).

How to access the course?

Send a request through the website, then you will receive an invoice to pay for the lessons you have chosen. After payment you will receive a link with access to the video lesson. The link will be active within 32 days after payment. After 32 calendar days the link will be inactive. This measure is necessary to motivate you to learn and to ensure that the lessons are not distributed for free.

This link is intended to be viewed only on one device, by one user, in one time unit at a time. To ensure the security of our media production, each link has a unique code so that even if it is copied and distributed, we will know for sure which ID. That's why it's better not to do this. We are sure you would also like to know that your work is not being distributed in a pirated way.

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